Photos: Southampton Hospital Benefit

Ken Wright, Tom Kirdahy, Terrance McNally, Robert Chaloner

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I’ve got pix from the always fantastic Southampton Hospital — now Stony Brook Southampton Hospital — annual benefit on Saturday night, which raised more than $1.5 million for the Jenny & John Paulson Emergency Department and brought out 700 of our heaviest Hamptons hitters. Thanks Lisa Tamburini for getting so many good shots! Always appreciated. And (whisper) apologies for driving you and Lenny crazy that night.



East End Melting Pot: We Are All One


Alex Molina, Patient Access Associate, posing as a new mom; Alexander Branch of Stratus Video; and Eylin Loria, Coordinator of Interpreting, Translating and Cultural Diversity Services. Photo courtesy Southampton Hospital. 

I’m so very happy to share this news today, of all days. Congrats to Southampton Hospital, which has embraced video remote translation. Here’s the news, directly from the source:

While Southampton Hospital is a relatively small community hospital about 2 hours east of New York City, it becomes a melting pot of people from all over the world each summer when seasonal residents and visitors increase the population to almost four times the year-round number. The Hospital staff has had access to a number of translation services in the past, but is taking an important step forward through video language translators called Stratus Video.

The equipment looks like the average iPad attached to a stand on wheels. With just the push of a button, the patient is able to see and hear a medically qualified interpreter in their language within 30 seconds. Interpreters are available around the clock, and the technology is easy to use. The interpreter can see the clinician and the patient at the same time, but if the patient prefers not to be seen by the interpreter that option is easily switched off.

At Southampton, 40 languages are available on video with over 200 available on audio interpretation. Video remote interpretation combines the benefits of face-to-face interpretation with the on-demand nature of over-the-phone interpretation. VRI is instant, mobile, and cost effective.

Effective communication is a top priority as it is vital to the patient-physician relationship as well as patient outcome. “We want every patient to experience the same level of high quality and compassionate care. We are taking this important step by introducing Stratus Video Translation as a way to enhance care delivery for patients in Southampton Hospital and, most importantly, it could save a life,” says Robert S. Chaloner, President & CEO.

The use of qualified medical interpreters is associated with higher quality of care, improved patient satisfaction, reduced communication errors, and lower readmission rates. As language diversity throughout the United States continues to expand along with compliance regulations at the Federal level, health systems are striving to provide access to simple and effective communication tools for interpretation and translation services.


Free Classes for Survivors


I love that Southampton Hospital is offering free exercise classes for cancer patients and survivors.

Offered through Strength for Life, the classes are specifically designed for cancer patients and survivors. The organization has been hosting several eight-week sessions a year at The Ed & Phyllis Davis Wellness Institute at Southampton Hospital, with the first one of 2017 currently underway. Each session consists of a weekly one-hour “full body” workout class that utilizes resistance bands, stability balls and floor mats provided by Strength for Life for participants to keep.

“The Ed & Phyllis Davis Wellness Institute is so happy we are able to assist with making the Strength for Life program available in the community,” says Patti Cronin, the Wellness Institute’s Coordinator. “The class becomes more that an exercise session—the camaraderie and support is unimaginable … Aside from the exercise aspect of it, the participants also get a social and educational experience as well. It is truly a wonderful and important program that really aids in the recovery process.”

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-1-23-00-pmIn 2010, the American College of Sports Medicine changed its guidelines for cancer patients from “bed rest is best” to “avoid inactivity.” The guidelines now suggest about 150 minutes per week of moderately intense aerobic activity and at least two days of muscle strengthening exercises. Studies have shown that exercise helps decrease fatigue in cancer patients as well as improve sleep, reduce nausea, build tolerance to chemotherapy, and boost mood and self-esteem.

Strength for Life was founded by Debbie Hughes and Jacqui Errico in 2007 in memory of Evelyn Knapp, an exercise physiologist and owner of many fitness facilities throughout Long Island who died of cancer in 2005. To date, the organization has helped over 1,700 cancer patients and survivors regain their “strength for life.”

“Strength for Life not only provides professional exercise instruction for cancer patients and survivors, but has also become a source of emotional support of our participants,” Debbie said. “To have an environment where you can express yourself and your concerns, while doing something extremely positive at the same time, empowers our survivors and helps them feel a sense of control on their cancer journey.”


Photos: Ellen’s Run

Judi and Jennifer Donelly~1st place survivor and 2nd place female overall

More than 1,000 runners and walkers showed up on Sunday, August 21, for the 21st annual Ellen’s Run in Southampton.

Presented by the Ellen Hermanson Foundation, the 5K started at 9 a.m. and Parrish Memorial Hall at Southampton Hospital, which is also where the race loop ended.

The largest race of its kind on the East End, Ellen’s Run benefits The Ellen Hermanson Foundation, Ellen’s Well and the Ellen Hermanson Breast Center at Southampton Hospital, supporting breast cancer survivors and their families.

* All photos by Kimberly Goff.

Photos: Southampton Hospital Gala

3_John Paulson, Howard M. Lorber, Robert Chaloner_Credit Victor Hugo:PMC

John Paulson, Howard M. Lorber and Robert Chaloner. Photo by Victor Hugo of Patrick McMullan.

The heavy hitters came out in droves for this year’s Southampton Hospital Gala on Saturday night, which raised more than $1.3 million in funding for the the Jenny and John Paulson Emergency Department at the hospital.

More than 600 supporters showed up for the 58th annual summer party, including benefit Chairs Hollis and Jim Forbes, Bill Ford, Marigay McKee, President and CEO of Southampton Hospital Robert Chaloner, and Southampton Hospital Foundation President Steve Bernstein, Chuck Scarborough, John Paulson, Southampton Mayor Mark Epley and his wife Marianne, Jean and Martin Shafiroff, Lee Zeldin, Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman and his lady, Julie Stone, Julie Ratner, Somers and Jonathan Farkas, Stony Brook’s Dr. Kenneth Kaushansky and Douglas Elliman Real Estate Chairman Howard M. Lorber, who is also President of the Board of Trustees of Southampton Hospital Foundation.


Robert Chaloner, Julie Stone, Jay Schneiderman, Enzo Morabito, Lee Zeldin, Howard M. Lorber, Paul Brennan, Toni Haber and Erica Grossman.  Dawn Watson photo.

The event was catered by “Live Like Larry-famed Lawrence Scott Events, which transformed the tent with lavish buffets, dramatic table centerpieces of gold shells overflowing with beautiful orchids, delicate flowers and woodsy ferns while music from the Groove Society kept everyone on their feet.  I think I saw a Koch brother there too but can’t be positive. What a night!

Enjoy these official photos, courtesy Southampton Hospital and shot by Victor Hugo for Patrick McMullan.

And these, shot by me.  : )

Photos: Starry Night Gala

The Ellen Hermanson Foundation's Starry Night Summer Gala, Chaired by Jean Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff, Geraldo Rivera, Erica Rivera, Jennifer Finkelstein==The Ellen Hermanson Foundation’s Starry Night Summer Gala, Chaired by Jean Shafiroff==Wickapogue Road, Southampton, NY==July 23, 2016==©Patrick McMullan==Photo – Jared Siskin/PMC== == Jean Shafiroff; Geraldo Rivera; Erica Rivera; Jennifer Finkelstein

More than 300 guests–including notables such as Martin and Jean Shafiroff, Dr. Julie Ratner, Emily Levin, Geraldo Rivera and wife Erica Rivera, Robert Chaloner, Dee Rivera, Mayor Mark Epley and his wife Marianne, Iron Chef’s Alexandra Guarnaschelli, Anne Burrel, Valerie and Carl Kempner, Bobbie Braun, Anna Throne-Holst, TV Producer Wendy Nuess, Patti Kenner, Steve Bernstein, Greg D’Elia, Dawne Marie Grannum, Lee Fryd, Jodi and Jack Wasserman, Debra Halpert, Rebecca Seawright, Flo Anthony and Robin Cofer–came out this past Saturday night to support The Ellen Hermanson Starry Night Gala in Southampton. Hosted by Ms. Shafiroff, the evening’s festivities included a ceremony honoring Jennifer Finkelstein of the 5 Under 40 Foundation,  and the doctors, nurses and medical staff of The Ellen Hermanson Breast Center of Southampton Hospital. Additionally, Dr. Julie Ratner honored her sister, late Ellen Hermanson, and her mission to bring awareness to early detection and educating breast cancer patients who need the most support.

Brace Yourself for Some Bra Photos

Mindy Armani modeling "Hershey Kisses" by Jonathan and Peter Glynn

All photos by Kimberly Goff.

In support of breast health, the seventh annual Reconstructed Bra and Fashion Show  was held on Thursday night, May 19, at the Southampton Social Club. Proceeds from the fundraiser benefit Lucia’s Angels, the Coalition for Women’s Cancers at Southampton Hospital and the Ellen Hermanson Breast Center.