Real Estate News — Hit Your Hallelujah


It’s impossible to resist posting this catchy song and video, given the news this past week that music man extraordinaire Mark Ronson (who has produced “Uptown Funk” with Bruno Mars and many other huge hits, including all those amazing Amy Winehouse songs on “Back to Black”) has sold his super chill Amagansett beach house. The New York Post broke the news, and then lots of outlets followed. I’m partial to the latest, just posted on 27 East. Thanks Tom Clavin for that awesome kicker!

Other East End real estate dealings that have caught my eye of late include a house by Guggenheim kiosk architect Andre Kikoski with a glass pool, featured here on Curbed (amazing!!!!), and the opportunity to rent a gorgeous North Sea home that just happened to be featured heavily on everyone’s favorite family show on E. Here’s the NY Observer story on the Hamptons house of Kardashian.

Eruv Approved in Westhampton Beach & Deer Sterilization in East Hampton


It’s actual breaking news time for once here at HPG. Not trying to get all serious on anyone but I feel I must share information that has just come out on TWO big controversial developments here for the last few years.

First, it appears that the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in New York has ruled that an eruv in Westhampton Beach DOES NOT violate the separation of church and state. Surprised that I haven’t seen more on this yet but here are a few links:

Secondly, MORE BIG NEWS is that it has been reported that East Hampton Village will control deer over-population by sterilizing females instead of culling. The cost, $1,000 a head, will surely prove to be the next big conflict so prepare yourselves. Not sure why it’s being done this way but I’m glad for a non-violent response. Read more on this here:

On a nearly unrelated side note, I’m so glad to see Richard Johnson back at the NY Post instead of in LA. I missed reading him and seeing him around the privet.