Hamptons Party Girl is Being Read in Over 100 Countries

Hamptons Party Girl is Being Read in Over 100 Countries

The end of May marks my 1-year anniversary of starting Hamptons Party Girl and I’m happy to report that this blog has readers in 106 countries and counting. Yes, that map is a correct picture of the readership location statistics. Pretty cool.
HPG is being read everywhere from here (no surprise that the U.S. UK and Canada are the top-reading countries) to places like Bosnia, Ghana, Nicaragua, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Ethiopia. Cheers to being able to spread a little joy to places I would’ve never imagined possible while sitting here in front of my computer in Sag Harbor.
When I started writing the blog, I hoped to entertain a couple hundred people here in the Hamptons with my musings on our culture. My very first post was on Eric Fischl’s book “Bad Boy.” It was read by 40 people in the first 24 hours and I was beyond thrilled to have that many readers find what I had to say. Since, I’ve published 219 additional posts. The most popular so far has been “Cops Caught Sexing it up in East Hampton Cottage,” which received over 5,600 hits in a 24-hour span. I was pretty excited about my sleuthiness in posting a wildly popular bit that had a slightly harder news angle than is typical on this site. Until I realized about 2 seconds later that most of those page views probably came from people looking for porn. Ha. Whatever the case, my readership has grown steadily (several thousand hits this past Saturday, Sunday and Monday alone) and I’ll take the page views however people find me.
The most-read celebrity scoop I’ve posted here has been about Alexander Skarsgard, who has appeared in posts such as “Mere Mortal or Nordic Sex God?” and “Alexander Skarsgard just got hotter by signing up to help wounded American soldiers.” I’ve never really been into blondes but I can see why this very, very handsome man is a heartthrob of international scale. Other bold-face names who have garnered high stats here are: Bill O’Reilly, Stevie Nicks, Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow. On the news front, another big read was “Hundreds Show Up for Cull Protest in East Hampton.”
Most of my posts are on the lighter side. It’s always been my goal to write things that uplift and celebrate–Lord knows there are enough snarky gossip blogs–and I’m happy that readers seem to embrace my good-news philosophy. Thanks to you all for your readership and continued support. I feel beyond fortunate. Cheers to another great year!

Kate Upton Running on the Beach Opens Today

Kate Upton Running on the Beach Opens Today

Er, I mean “The Other Woman,” which was filmed in the Hamptons last summer and pictures a highly anticipated scene of the bodacious beauty running in a bikini, opens today in theaters nationwide.
Hey, the movie might be a fun and frolicsome story about three women bonding (over a cheating man) but I think that we can mostly all agree that men and women alike might just be buying tickets to mainly see Ms. Upton catching some rays. She is a stunner.
I recall that even a year ago when I first heard about the movie filming out here on the East End, all anyone wanted to talk about was “the bikini” and Kate Upton’s ample natural assets. Those specific scenes of the two-time Sports Illustrated cover girl were filmed in June in East Quogue. Other scenes were also filmed in Westhampton Beach with the movie’s co-stars, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga’s beau, is also in the film. There were several Mother Monster spottings in the Hamptons during filming last summer, and notably for this Party Girl, at the annual Watermill Center benefit. That was cool.
Other movies filmed in the Hamptons include: “Something’s Gotta Give,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Nanny Diaries,” “Pollock” and “Wall Street.”
* Film still from “The Other Woman.”

Seeing Double: Sunday Reflections



Am I the only person who thinks that Hugh Jackman and James Purefoy strongly resemble one another? Surely not. This struck me when I saw Purefoy on the first season of “Episodes.” I spent the whole time he first appeared onscreen alternating between thinking it was Jackman (who made a big splash at the annual Watermill Center benefit this past summer in a snazzy navy suit and a rakish smile) and telling myself that it couldn’t be.

FYI–“Episodes,” billed as a Matt LeBlanc vehicle but even that’s an inside joke, is brilliant. Showtime has been absolutely killing it with its generous series slate.  
*Wiki photos. I was too busy taking Lady Gaga’s picture to realize that Hugh Jackman was present at Watermill Center. What a drag!

‘Life and Death of Marina Abramovic’ Premieres, Courtesy Robert Wilson’s Genius

It’s embarrassing to admit but I had no idea who Marina Abramovic was until she came to the Watermill Center benefit this summer with Lady Gaga.
Oh, I got schooled very quickly after that. I posted a photo that I took of Gaga and didn’t identify Marina in the photo or blurb–because I had no idea that she was “the grandmother of performance art”–but, fortunately for me, her fans quickly let me know about her star power.
Now, I’m obsessed.
I’m very, very excited that not only is “Life and Death of Marina Abramovic”–yep, that’s Willem Dafoe front and center in the film–premiering in the city at Park Avenue Armory on Friday, December 13, but also that “Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present” will screen out here, at the Watermill Center, on Saturday, December 14.

Lady Gaga Shows Her Candy

That’s right, Mother Monster went full frontal (actually about three-quarter frontal) on the cover of Candy magazine. One breast is covered by a fur coat and the other is covered by a scorpion. Her nether regions, though not graphic, are exposed. Thus, the photo is tantalizing, though not all that titillating. But still, dare I post this? Yep. Post I must. Please don’t click on this if you are a) my aunt Marcia or b) easily offended.


Andy Cohen Celebrates Christmas

Andy Cohen Celebrates Christmas

Last night Shelter Islander Andy Cohen helped kick off the shopping season at Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan by showing up and leading the crowds to the annual unveiling of the holiday windows.
He’s been a busy guy lately–starting up his own production company, bottling Lady Gaga’s urine to make perfume and refereeing all of the “Real Housewives” catfights; all the while hosting his “Watch What Happens Live” show and killing it as vice president of development and talent at Bravo. I don’t know how he does it all but he’s very, very good at it and I applaud my fellow pop culture-obsessed media friend and man about town.
I interviewed Andy last year when he came to talk about his book, “Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture,” at the Shelter Island Library. I’m posting the link below.
A fun fact about Andy: he’s taller than you would expect, but his little backside is perhaps the smallest bottom I have ever seen. I’m talking like the size of my two hands. We were at the same magazine event earlier this year and all I wanted to do was grab his tiny tushy and squeeze it. Practicing extreme self control and decorum, I managed to keep my hands to myself. But it was a challenge. : )
I took this photo of Andy, one of my favorites, at the Miracle House benefit in Bridgehampton a couple of years ago. Look closely and you’ll see his face etched on the Maker’s Mark bottle.

Lady Gaga at Watermill Center

Lady Gaga at Watermill Center

The Watermill Center’s annual fundraiser, which this Hamptons Party Girl rates as the number-one party of the year, never disappoints. All of us at Devil’s Heaven (the theme for the 20th anniversary blowout) had our Little Monsters moment when Lady Gaga made her entrance. I’ve interviewed and photographed some biggies but this lady takes the cake. We were all on “The Edge of Glory” when she was near. Holy cow!