Less Traffic & More Choo Choo for You

Has anyone else noticed that rush-hour traffic times (and lines) have gotten longer and longer? Even in freaking January?

Well, just in time, the LIRR has introduced a new environmentally friendly commuting option via the South Fork Commuter Connection, which will launch on March 4. Hip, hip hooray!

The interconnecting system adds six trains per day east of Speonk–three one-way trips in the mornings and three in the afternoon–and select trains will connect with shuttles at East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Southampton, Amagansett and Montauk. The Commuter Connection’s aim is to  transport customers to and from selected employment centers and workplaces,  providing a new commuting option on the South Fork, alleviate roadway congestion and stimulate the South Fork economy with an environmentally friendly transportation option.


Starting on Monday, March 4, the joint fare covering trains and shuttles is set at $4.25 one way. Tickets will be available at full-service ticket vending machines, where South Fork Commuter Connection ticket will be listed under “Deals & Getaways.” Customers are encouraged to purchase a return trip ticket in advance. Note that  because the trains and connecting services are intended for those looking to travel within the South Fork, the trains will not connect with trains traveling to or from New York City, which makes them unique in the LIRR network.

The most up-to-date information on MTA service status is always available at http://www.mta.info. For immediate notice of service changes, sign up for email or text alerts at http://www.mymtaalerts.com. For weekend subway service changes, visit http://www.mta.info/weekender.


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