Photos: Polar Bear Plunge 2018

Polar Bear Plunge 201820181208_0052

It’s not usually a good thing when people are running, screaming, out of the water and onto the beach. Except when it’s 32 degrees in December in the Hamptons and it’s the 15th annual Polar Bear Plunge at Coopers Beach in Southampton, benefitting Heart of the Hamptons. AKA — the only time I’m happy to share the beach with hordes of other people invading my sand.  : )

Always a blast, this year’s event seemed to be bigger and more fun than ever crowd-wise. Aside from the usual cast of characters (yes, you Jimmy Mack! It wouldn’t be a plunge without you and your amazing mermaidness), I counted a unicorn; a judge, of the Kavanaugh variety; two priests in robes and one in street clothes–at least two of which were actually men of the cloth; two polar bears, one in statue form; a coupla Epleys in a Toy Story; a handful of Santas and countless hats; a group of brave life savers; a pack of four-legged furry friends; a penguin in a bow tie; and more than a few teeny weenie bikinis, including two guys in red, white and blue. So glad I went. Keep scrolling for a big photo gallery. 

As of this morning, about half of the $100,000 goal has been met. Proceeds go toward those in our community in need, including nutritious food for the food pantry, for kids’ lunches and for elder nourishment. Approximately 1,500 people a year are helped by this fine organization. Feeling the spirit of giving? Then please donate here. 


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