Photos: Hamptons Heart Ball

3 Kelly Burke, Ann Liguori, Scott Vallary, Jean Liguori-Skidel, Steve Skidel

It’s always nice to share images from terrific fundraisers, such as the American Heart Association’s 21st annual Hamptons Heart Ball, which was held earlier this month at the Southampton Arts Center.

For the festivities, more than 400 guests–including honorees Dr. Lori Mosca and Dr. Ralph S. Mosca, event co-chairs George Benedict, Dr. Aubrey Galloway and Open Your Heart co-chair Jean Shafiroff, Master of Ceremonies Lori Stokes of ABC News, Martin Shafiroff,  Meredith Cohn, Arnie and Paola Rosenshein, Ava Roosevelt, Ann Liguori, David and Jill Kandell, Consuelo Costin Vanderbilt, Tracy Stern, Nicole Noonan, Randi Schatz, Barry and Marsha Altman, Dean and Maria Elana Christiansen, Jon and Joan Gruen and John and Terry Tortorella–turned up to show their support for heart health.

Photos by Rob Rich and Patrick McMullan.

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