Photos: Ann Liguori Foundation Golf Tournament


We all know that golfers are SERIOUS about their games. But they also like to have some lighthearted moments too. So, in celebration of that, let’s start this one with a little golf humor, just for funsies.

Noting that her husband looked more haggard and disgruntled than usual after his weekly golf game, his wife asked what was wrong.

He answered, “Well, on the 4th hole, Harry had a heart attack and died. It was terrible! The entire rest of the day, it was hit the ball, drag Harry, hit the ball, drag Harry!”


Now on to more serious stuff.  : )

I’ve got some great photos of the 19th annual Ann Liguori Foundation Charity Golf Classic at the Maidstone Club in East Hampton from this past week. Woohoo! All photos were shot by Daniel Gonzalez.

The hugely successful event was the 19th straight sell-out with golfers who came in from all over the world to play and support the cause — raising money and awareness for cancer research and prevention.

Jim Donaghy, named 2017 Ann Liguori Foundation Business Honoree, said “everything about the tourney was first class! It’s obvious to see how much the golfers appreciate the effort by the Ann Liguori Foundation and the prestigious golf courses that host the tourney each year. There’s a fun, positive, festive attitude throughout the entire event.”

Two-time Super Bowl champ Ottis Anderson was entertaining and lively as the celebrity auctioneer. He did his part to help raise money by sharing great Golf trips, unique dining experiences and prizes to those in attendance. Fun, fun, fun!

For the curious, here are the photo captions:

01 – ​2204
​Ann Liguori & Scott Vallary
​02 – 2291
​Ann Liguori with event volunteers 
03 – 2365
Dylan Coates with Eyeking. Each participant received a pair of Eyeking sunglasses.
04 – 2385
Staci Hayman & Matthew Wisman with RMS Golf Glove. RMS fit every golfer for a glove. 
05 – 2746
Ann Liguori with Dr. Max Gomez, Medical Correspondent, Channel 2 News
06 – 2782
L to R:  Suzanne Karath, Diane Lenowicz, Ann Liguori & Jean Skidgel
07 – 2827
Ann Liguori with the 2017 Ann Liguori Foundation Charity Golf Classic Business Honoree Jim Donaghy, CEO, Structure Tone
08 – 2837
L to R:  2016 Ann Liguori Foundation NY WICI Sports Media Scholar, Allison Waddington and Diane Schimmer
09 – 3276
Walter Stockton, CEO IGHL 
10 – 3572
Diane Morgan, her daughter Pamela Davis, grand daughter Joy Davis 
11 – 3576
Ann Liguori Foundation event coordinator Jean Skidgel & Ann Liguori
12 – 3623
Jean & Steve Skidgel  
13 – 3641
L to R: Nancy Stone, Ann Liguori, Kelly Burke McMillin & Colleen Donaghy
14 – 3642
L to R: Mike Elliott, Pres.,Golf, Greg Norman Collection, Lyla Renai, John O’Brien, Marty Hackel ‘Mr. Fashion’, Michael Setola, Tharanco Lifestyle
15 – 3651
L to R – Gene Toliver, Joe & Allison Waddington,  and 2-time Super Bowl Champ & Celebrity Auctioneer,  Ottis Anderson
16 – 3659
Colleen & Jim Donaghy 
17 – 3687
Ann Liguori & Scott Vallary 
18 – 3715
Bobby Catalano & Suzanne Karath
19 – 3782-1B
Jim Halpin CEO, Platinum Maintenance, ALF Board Member & past Honoree
20 – 3797
Ann Liguori presents 2017 ALF Business Award to Jim Donaghy, CEO, Structure Tone. Jim Halpin, CEO, Platinum Maintenance, ALF Board Member & former Business Honoree 
21 – 3807
ALF 2017 Business Honoree Jim Donaghy, CEO, Structure Tone
22 – 3859
Melissa Firmes, KIDS NEED MORE
23 – 3904
2-time Super Bowl Champ Ottis Anderson, NY Giants, Celebrity Auctioneer
24 – 3915
L to R:  John Patrick, Stephen Athan, William Puricelli & Alex Roit
25 – 3924
Jim Halpin.CEO, Platinum Maintenance, ALF Board Member & past Honoree
26 – 3935
William Puricelli
27 – 3945
Nancy Stone, winning bidder for North West Coast Ireland Links trip 
28 – 4010
Picking the 50/50 winner, Jean Skidgel, Ann Liguori & Jim Donaghy
29 – 4029
Jason Dove raffle winner
30 – 0010
Winning team, low net.
L to R; Anthony Pike, John Janangelo,Jack Dildabandian & Phillip Levine
31 – 0023
L to R:  Robert Voit, Doug Miller, Mark Ness & Gene Storms
32 – 0089
Ann Liguori
33 – 0181
Jerry Costanza
34 – 0184
Jerry Costanza Quartet
35 – 9848
Marty Hackel, Ann Liguori & Scott Vallary
36 – 9879
All the golfers participating in 2017 Ann Liguori Foundation Charity Golf Classic, Maidstone Club
37 – 9973
L to R — Pamela Davis, Kelly Burke McMillin and Suzanne Karath
38 – 9982
L to R:  Scott Vallary, Ann Liguori, Lynda Packard ‘Volunteer of the Year’ & Matthew Wisman
39 – 4004
Steve Soviero, Jim Phillips, Jim Donaghy & Glenn Isaacson
40 – 2740
Lynda Packard, Ann Liguori & Dr .Max Gomez

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