Halsey House Gala Pre-Party Pix

1 Peter Talty, Tish Rehill, Bram Majtlis, & Nick Gold at Halsey House Gala Sponsor Party 2017 by Emma Ballou

Thanks Southampton Historical Museum for sharing these fun photos of the cocktail party hosted by Board Chair Marge Sullivan at her Park Avenue penthouse recently. The gathering served to introduce the honorary chair for this year’s Halsey House Gala, Steven Stolman. He was introduced by Linda Stabler-Talty, the Gala’s chair, and Tom Edmonds, the museum’s executive director. Gala co-hair Peter Hallock and Willi Salm were thanked along with the museum’s co-president Tish Rehill and museum trustees Dede Gotthelf and Sandra Walser.

Gala sponsors in attendance were Dr. Tara Allman, Peter Talty, Bram Jajtlis, Nick and Bram Gold, Francesca Direct, Steve Krawciw, Irene Aldridge, Seth Raphael  Sally Van Erk, Wendy Dietze, Bill Heyman, Joe and Cathleen Civale Fisher, Judy and Jack Hadlock, Michelle Thompson, Tom Reynolds, Terry Moan, Ann and Sue Madonia, Jane Gullong, Melanie and David Holland, Fairley Pilaro, Rich Stolman, Newell Turner, Douglas Clarke, Bob Dowling, Margo and Jimmy Nederlander, Debbie and Billy Bancroft, and Gil Walsh. All photos by Emma Ballou.
The Hasley House Gala raises funds to restore Southampton’s oldest home – The Thomas Hasley Homestead, established in 1648. The annual event will be held on Saturday, July 8, with a “Sur le Plage” or beach theme. To learn more and to purchase tickets go to www.southamptonhistoricalmuseum.org or call the museum at (631) 283-2494.

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