Speonk To Get Affordable Apartments

Straight from the Supe’s office:

The Southampton Town Board unanimously passed the change of zone application that helps clear the way for the development of a new affordable Housing Complex in Speonk. The developer, Georgica Green Ventures, teamed up with the Town of Southampton Housing Authority (TSHA) to build 38 units of affordable apartments at 41 North Phillips Avenue. The change of zoning allows Multi-Family Residential.

Now that the project has been approved, it enters the planning stage before the Town Planning Board for site plan approval.

The change of zone comes after one public hearing and several community meetings that prompted the developers to scale back the original proposal from 51 units to 38. “This was a real community effort to create affordable housing for our hard working residents,” said Supervisor Jay Schneiderman.  The Planning Board will likely hold another public hearing on the site plan.

The project, which includes a waste water treatment facility, must also be approved by the Suffolk County Health Department.

“I am excited to see a developer and a community work together towards creating attainable housing for our younger generation, our seniors and others who thought they could not afford to live in our beautiful Town”, said Councilwoman Julie Lofstad.

The agreement comes after sometimes contentious meetings between the community and the Developer until the Developer reduced the number of units and changed the design.

Georgica Green President David Gallo said, “We’re thrilled to move one step closer to delivering desperately needed housing in Southampton. I can’t thank the local community, civic associations and the Town Board enough for their willingness to collaborate and create the best plan for Speonk and Southampton.

Executive Director of the Southampton Housing Authority, Curtis Highsmith, Jr. praised the hamlets of Speonk and Remsenburg. “They demonstrated a willingness to compromise and successfully took a stand for their beloved community.”

Town Councilman John Bouvier added, “I am particularly proud to have voted in support of this project. The unanimous vote in favor reflects the commitment this board has to begin to work to solve the very serious housing deficit facing the Town of Southampton.”


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