Great News for Montauk


Montauk’s own High Notes chorus has earned some terrific recognition.

Sing some fa la las and deck some halls for the Montauk Public School’s High Notes, who have been named WINNERS in the News 12 Sounds of the Season contest. Make sure to tune in and catch these talented local singers on the News 12 Long Island. Or watch them sing “Believe,” “Jingle Bells” and “Sing a Song of Merry Christmas” right here.


Dawn Watson photo

And score one too for the residents of The End, who have seen a bit of relief after having been artfully painted (i.e. not quite true) with a not-so-pretty brush by Bravo. The network seems to have pulled back on its over-the-top promotion of the village as the location of its “Summer House” series–which looks to be a “Jersey Shore”-type boondoggle. Ick. Good thing too, as the house in the title wasn’t actually in Montauk, despite the heavy advance PR. Thankfully, the correct information has been pointed out by many a news source, such as this breaking piece in the East Hampton Star and this later reporting in the East Hampton Press, as well as several New York and national outlets.

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