The Best Dance Show That You’re Missing

I am pleased as punch that I got first-row tickets to this past Saturday’s DanceFusion performance at the Southampton Cultural Center. Wow! I’ve been to a couple of these shows now and I’e been blown away every time. Seriously, we’ve got superpro-level dancing being staged for us right here in the Hamptons and hardly anyone seems to know. I’m telling you now, it’s here and it’s amazing. If you like Dancing With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, any of those other dance-related television shows, or if you’re of the mind to head into the city to catch a performance, then do yourself a favor and check out DanceFusion right here on the East End.

On Saturday, we were treated to the artistic endeavors of FJK Dance, a New York-based pro troupe. The dancers performed two programs–Take Two, which was inspired by ballroom elegance and glamour and adding in plenty of drama and mystery and featured music by Dave Brubeck, John Klemmer and Benny Goodman, and Dum Talk, which included a percussive combination of Middle Eastern drum and Latin salsa and featured music by Mario Kirlis and Johnny Arraj. It was cool and I’m glad I got to go. Unfortunately that was the last program of the year  but I do hope that you make sure to check out the series when the 2017 DanceFusion season begins. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

*Pardon the video quality. I shot it on my iPhone. Thank you Laura Devinney for all your incredible efforts with launching and supporting this program, and for the great seats!

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