East End Entertainment News


Aaron Paul’s Hulu series, “The Path,” has been filming all over the East End as of late. According to published reports, the show, which also stars Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy, was set to shoot in Sag Harbor yesterday. I haven’t seen it myself yet but have read reports that a film crew has been spotted out and about. Series stars were spotted on Front Street, Carpenter Street and inside Claudio’s restaurant in Greenport on Monday. They had previously filmed in Westhampton Beach in August.

The plot of the show, which started streaming in March of this past year, focuses on a man who decides to join an unknown and mysterious cult, the Meyerist Movement, in upstate New York. The season two premiere will stream in early 2017.


In other entertainment-type news, Amagansett resident Scarlett Johansson is also filming a movie out east. It’s called “Rock That Body” and it’s also starting Kate McKinnon, Demi Moore, Ty Burrell and Zoe Kravitz.


Definitely not a drama, it’s about a male stripper ends up dead at a beach house during a bachelorette party weekend. The comedy is shooting in Southampton, made to look like Miami.

Turnabout is fair play. If I’ve got a bikini photo of Scarlett Johansson, then I should also run one of Ty Burrell. Right?  : )


And renowned Swedish artist Jacob Felländer, co-owner of c/o The Maidstone in East Hampton, isn’t an actor but his work–three large-scale, kaleidoscopic photographs–is being featured in a film staring Nicolas Cage, Gina Gershon and Faye Dunaway. The pictures hang in the home shared by Cage and Gershon, who play a husband and wife in the movie. It’s called “Inconceivable”( which always makes me think of Wallace Shawn in that scene from “The Princess Bride but I digress) and it’s set for release in 2017.







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