HPG Goes to the Dogs, and the Cats Too

Want to bring a bit of unconditional love into your life? Adopt, foster or donate to help an animal in need. Everybody wins!


Over at the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons in Wainscott, October is in full swing for adoptions. In  memory of ARF supporter Nancy Weintraub, ARF is offering a $75 gift certificate all month long to those who adopt a black kitten or cat,  or any adult cat (over the age of 1). Check out the little cuties here. Congrats are also in order for the non-profit, which has done so much to help homeless animals to find their forever homes, since it raised $85000 last weekend  from the annual Stroll to the Sea event. I just LOVE sharing such good news. And since we’re on the subject of ARF, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the annual ARF Halloween Party at the end of the month. It’s sure to be a  barking good time.


But that’s not all the good news for our four-legged friends. Tomorrow, Sunday, October 16, Barks of Hope (a non-for-profit rescue organization that helps the far too many homeless dogs in Rincon, Puerto Rico) is hosting a free event for East Enders. The gathering will be at Wainscott Farms and will include a fun agility course for dogs, plus adorable and adoptable puppies. Want to learn more or to donate? Email Jane@janeelappin.com.

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