Wine & Dine: 75 Main in Southampton


Hallelujah to the shoulder season and reclaiming our Main Streets across the East End!

Last week I was able to head out on the town and enjoy a beautiful evening and nice meal at 75 Main in Southampton. This summer hotspot is usually a bit too busy for me (though I’m sure that’s a very happy thing for owner Zach Erdem and the staff, and I certainly don’t begrudge them their successes) so I deliberately chose a Tuesday for my dining experience.

Thankfully, I knew that I was in for a good night when I was immediately greeted at the door by a lovely young woman, Iona, who also ended up being an attentive and thoughtful server.  The lights were low, the candles were flickering and though there were still plenty of other diners, it was peaceful and calm–just the way I like it on a weekday night after a long day of work.

First things first when it comes to dinner. The wine. I was glad to see a nice-sized list. And despite the cooler weather,  I’d still recommend starting with an ice-cold Ballard Sancerre from the Loire Valley. Boy, was it ever wonderfully crisp, clean and grapefruity. Yum!

I’m guessing that the menu has changed with the season, as it was filled with hearty fare fitting for autumn. That said, I’m glad to report that there were enough lighter options to choose from to keep me happy.

There are a few things that I immediately notice when sitting down for dinner at a restaurant–one of them being the bread. Even if I’m not going to eat it, I want to know that it’s warm. Cold bread is a big no-no for me. I’m happy to report that 75 Main got it right.

For the first course, I chose the crab cake appetizer. Now I’m a picky gal and expect a good crab cake whenever I order one, especially out here. So even though I’m naturally predisposed to a baked cake, I actually did enjoy the fried Twin Lump Blue Crab Cakes. Generous (they are most definitely big enough for a main or to split with a friend) and pretty tasty, the appetizer was accompanied by a rich chipotle lime sauce and fresh avocado salsa, which was outstanding.

The entree, a pappardelle pasta with tomatoes and  mozzarella, also exceeded my expectations. Tasty and cooked perfectly al dente, the noodle dish was deliciously sauced. Again here, the portion was big enough for seconds. And believe you me, it tasted pretty darn yummy on the next day’s go-round. Mmm mmmm.

Alas, I had to forego the dessert. It’s always tempting but as it was,  I already had to pack up an entire second meal’s worth of food. Maybe next time I’ll stop in for coffee and dessert. Perhaps I’ll see you there and we can hang out and enjoy what’s ours again.


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