News from Politicians We Actually Like


What, not even a mention of inappropriate touching, crude boasting or dictatorship-level future actions. Wait a minute. I thought this was a political post?  : )

That’s right, we keep it classy on the East End.

Straight from Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman’s office.

The Southampton Town Board will hold two public hearings on the preliminary 2017 budget. One of those public hearings will be scheduled for Tuesday October 25th at 6pm at the Hampton Bays Community Center, the first regular Town Board meeting held outside of Town Hall. The second public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday November 9th at 1 pm at Town Hall. The budget calls for a nearly 2 percent drop in the property tax rate, the largest reduction in more than a decade.

“We want to make it convenient for town residents to comment about the budget within their own community,” said Supervisor Jay Schneiderman. “We have found that residents really like it when we travel to their community and this time the topic affects everyone. This budget offers a tax break! I think we might be hard pressed to find people not in favor of that,” said Supervisor Schneiderman.

Supervisor Jay Schneiderman formally submitted his tentative $94.7 million budget at a Town Board work session Sept. 22nd. It was converted to the preliminary budget at a special Town Board meeting today.

The Supervisor called the preliminary budget “structurally balanced and responsible.” It addresses quality of life issues, public safety and town infrastructure including roads and park facilities.

The preliminary budget proposes several new positions; including one police officer and one public safety dispatcher paid from additional sales tax revenue secured from the County during Mr. Schneiderman’s tenure as Suffolk County Legislator for the region. The budget also calls for a Director of Public Safety and the Director of Housing and Community Development.

The preliminary budget calls for the consolidation of Code Enforcement, Animal Control, the Fire Marshall and Emergency Preparedness into a newly created Department of Public Safety. In addition, the preliminary budget creates an Office of Housing and Community Development as a division of the Department of Land Management.

The preliminary Town budget provides $3.2 million in capital borrowing for road improvements and $1.4 million for park facility upgrades. The budget also proposes $1.3 million in major technology upgrades in town-wide computer networks. Although the budget calls for this additional borrowing, the overall level of outstanding town debt is actually being reduced by over $7 million. The budget maintains surpluses in every account, with a cumulative increase in surplus funds of over one million dollars above current levels.

The budget may be amended through the budget process. However, it must be adopted by the Town Board or before November 20th. The full budget document can be viewed online at .

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