India in the Hamptons

Team USA & Team Royal Jaipur

Did you know that the Hamptons recently hosted the Maharaja of Jaipur and the Royal Jaipur Polo Team? Yep. It happened. 

Sponsored by Sanjay Kasliwal Jewelers, the Royal Jaipur Polo Team–which included the Maharaja of Jaipur, Abby Patek, Ransher Singh and Fateh Singh–played in Southampton against a select USA team of renowned polo royalty consisting of Joe Meyer, Nacho Figueras, Davis Colley and Bruce Colley–the US Ambassador to the International Federation of Polo, and who organized the 10-day polo tour, which began in Santa Barbara, California, and continued to New York, ending here on the East End.

Want to know more about the 18-year-old Maharaja? He’s known as “Pacho” to friends.  He was recently coronated and has set about the important duties of making international friendships and promoting business opportunities in his home state of Jaipur. He’s the 131st Maharaja in the Singh family line, spanning over 3,000 years. And he’s the fifth generation of great polo players. While traveling to the East End, the Maharaja was accompanied by his mother, Princess Diya, and the Royal Jaipur Polo Team.

The teams also played at Mashomack Polo Club in Pine Plains , New York.

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