Photos: Concert for Dogs at LongHouse


Dawn Watson photos.

This past Saturday brought us  one of the most unique and fun events in a long time when Laurie Anderson brought her “Concert for Dogs” to LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton. The world-renowned avant-garde artist, composer, musician and film director put on her canine concert alongside cellist Rubin Kodheli.

Lots and lots of dog lovers, including some pretty famous ones in the art world, brought their beloved pooches to the remarkable event,  held in the LongHouse amphitheater on the Reserve’s 16-acre grounds.

A share of the proceeds from the Concert for Dogs benefitted ARF, aka the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, a charity dedicated to providing for the welfare of animals on the South Fork of Long Island. The concert was followed by a reception in the gardens, where pups and their owners enjoyed refreshments amongst the lush grounds. It was the first time that dogs were welcomed to LongHouse.

All photos by Dawn Watson.



3 thoughts on “Photos: Concert for Dogs at LongHouse

  1. Dawn, thanks for the photo of me with Pablo. It warmed my heart to be at the event, enjoy the people with their dogs and know that Pablo was with me, as he is every day, even though another fortunate family is caring for him. ARF found a forever home for him.

  2. Dear Dawn,
    Thanks so much for including your wonderful photo of Pablo and me on this site. Although I gave Pablo up for adoption to ARF, he is always with me in spirit. ARF placed him in a “forever home” with a young family who adores him. It was a pleasure being at the event, watching all the beautiful dogs, with their owners, enjoying Laurie Anderson’s amusing music. Jack Lenor Larsen, thanks too, for making this possible.

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