Photos: Guild Hall Gala


What a fun (and extraordinarily accomplished) group! All photos by Dawn Watson

Boy oh boy was the Guild Hall Gala ever an amazing to-do! They ready outdid themselves this year, putting together an entire theme for the event around the current “Aspects of Minimalism” exhibit.

Fitting to have such a bang-up gathering at the museum, followed by cocktails and dinner at Mulford Farm, since it’s Ruth Appelhof’s last big fundraiser before going on to other things, including finishing up two books that she’s writing on art, and of course, welcoming Andrea Grover who is stepping in to very big shoes indeed. The night, hosted by April Gornik, was also about honoring art advocate, supporter and philanthropist Neda Young. Other highlights included some significant and magnificent artwork on display and up for auction (Cindy Sherman’s self-portrait went for a whopping $70,000), music by Hannah Bronnfman, catering by Sonnier & Castle–with theme curation of the table settings and menu by the incredible Florence Fabricant, a live auction by Robbie Gordy of Christie’s New York, art storage and presentation by UOVO, and event design by David Beahm Experiences. Of course my favorite part of any benefit is seeing all the friends (and a few famous faces) who show up. Hope you enjoy some of the photos I snapped on Friday night.

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