Photos: Midsummer Cocktails for Thomas Moran Trust

Moran c. Richard Lewin (26)

Richard and Rosanne Barons, Mary Busch, Charles Savage. All photos by Richard Lewin.

The Thomas Moran Trust held its Midsummer Cocktail Party last Friday night (July 29) on the historical grounds of the Thomas Moran and Mary Nimmo Moran Studio on Main Street in East Hampton Village.

The benefit party celebrated the final phases of the Trust’s sensitive restoration project and also offered  a sneak-peek of the interior, as well as access to the outbuildings and grounds. Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the Moran Studio’s restoration completion, which is now in sight and planned to be unveiled next summer.  Attendees at the benefit included: April Gornik, Ralph Gibson, Mary Jane Marcasiano, Bryan Hunt, Lucy Wintor, Susan Wood, Neda Young,  Hollis Forbes, Michael Clifford, Frank Newbold, Grier Eliasek, Tristana Wlatz, Charles Savage, Curt and Angel Schade, Doris and Gil Meister, Alan and Jackie Mitchell, Bruce and Laura Siska, Arthur (Tiger) and Katy Graham, and  East Hampton Village Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. and his wife, Jean.

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