Photos: Starry Night Gala

The Ellen Hermanson Foundation's Starry Night Summer Gala, Chaired by Jean Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff, Geraldo Rivera, Erica Rivera, Jennifer Finkelstein==The Ellen Hermanson Foundation’s Starry Night Summer Gala, Chaired by Jean Shafiroff==Wickapogue Road, Southampton, NY==July 23, 2016==©Patrick McMullan==Photo – Jared Siskin/PMC== == Jean Shafiroff; Geraldo Rivera; Erica Rivera; Jennifer Finkelstein

More than 300 guests–including notables such as Martin and Jean Shafiroff, Dr. Julie Ratner, Emily Levin, Geraldo Rivera and wife Erica Rivera, Robert Chaloner, Dee Rivera, Mayor Mark Epley and his wife Marianne, Iron Chef’s Alexandra Guarnaschelli, Anne Burrel, Valerie and Carl Kempner, Bobbie Braun, Anna Throne-Holst, TV Producer Wendy Nuess, Patti Kenner, Steve Bernstein, Greg D’Elia, Dawne Marie Grannum, Lee Fryd, Jodi and Jack Wasserman, Debra Halpert, Rebecca Seawright, Flo Anthony and Robin Cofer–came out this past Saturday night to support The Ellen Hermanson Starry Night Gala in Southampton. Hosted by Ms. Shafiroff, the evening’s festivities included a ceremony honoring Jennifer Finkelstein of the 5 Under 40 Foundation,  and the doctors, nurses and medical staff of The Ellen Hermanson Breast Center of Southampton Hospital. Additionally, Dr. Julie Ratner honored her sister, late Ellen Hermanson, and her mission to bring awareness to early detection and educating breast cancer patients who need the most support.

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