The Hamptons — Priciest Vacation in New York


Dawn Watson photo

We don’t need to read Business Wire to know that the Hamptons are the most expensive vacation destination in New York–and most likely in the entire country. But it’s gratifying(ish) to see it confirmed in print.

According to a survey conducted by, East Hampton is the costliest destination to visit in the state of New York, with a summer overnight stay averaging out to $324 a night. Shelter Island is a surprising number two, with a price tag of $308 per night. Southampton follows not too far behind, costing $289 a night. Southold also made the list, coming in at spot number five for $207 a night. I’m quite surprised to note that Montauk didn’t make the list.

What the survey missed, however, is that those prices should be doubled, tripled or quadrupled in some cases as there are minimum tw0- three- and four-night stays at the majority of our scant lodging destinations in the summertime. If you can find an available room at all.

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