The Real Annie is at The Gateway Right Now!


OMG, my childhood idol Andrea McArdle is starring in “Anything Goes” at The Gateway theater in Bellport, which opens tonight and runs through June 4. Yippee!

Sidebar — Did you catch that piece in the Wall Street Journal about Bellport being the new Hamptons? Here ’tis, along with another that ran in Curbed that same day.  Is one of my fellow East End journalists who moved there not so long ago planting stories? Hmmm. : )

So back to “Anything Goes.” This production of the classic Cole Porter musical (with book written by Remsenburg’s own P.G. Wodehouse and a few others) also stars Sally Struthers! Wowsa! I still watch “All in the Family” every once in a while. What a great show that really stands the test of time.

Josh Canfield of “Survivor” is also in the Gateway production.  I don’t know him. Clearly, I prefer my entertainment old-school.

The Tony Award-winning, tap-dancing musical features one of my very favorites,  “It’s De-lovely,” plus “You’re the Top,” “Blow, Gabriel, Blow”  and, of course, “Anything Goes.” It’s true Americana fare, complete with true love, hilarity and hijinks on the high seas. BTW — The Gateway’s got a ton of really good stuff coming up on its schedule. If you haven’t been before, check it out. I think you’d be d’lighted.

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