East Hampton Kicks Butt, Takes Names


This looks about right.

The first rental registry arrests have already happened since the new laws were enacted in East Hampton Town. See below for the official scoop from the Town of East Hampton’s Ordinance Enforcement Department.

The only thing I don’t like about this story is that the people who really can’t afford anything else are now being further punished by getting cited, and I assume, evicted. We need to do SOMETHING about this unaffordable rent problem STAT!

On Wednesday, May 4, 2016, the East Hampton Town Police Department—in conjunction with staff from the East Hampton Town Code Enforcement Department—executed a search warrant at 105 Springs Fireplace Road in response to complaints of overcrowding and unsafe living conditions.

While on the premises, East Hampton Town Police arrested Jaimo Uzhca Namina, 31, and charged him with Criminal Contempt in the 2nd degree for violating an Order of Protection issued by the East Hampton Town Justice Court. In addition, Moncayo Arnulfo Rivera, 27, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for Driving While Intoxicated. He was further charged with False Impersonation for initially providing a fake name to Police.

“This morning’s coordinated efforts by our Public Safety departments uncovered deplorable conditions inside a single-family house that was being used as a multi-family residence. East Hampton Town will not tolerate landlords and sub-lessors profiteering at the expense of public safety by overcrowding tenants into illegal and unsafely configured structures,” stated Betsy Bambrick, the Director of Ordinance Enforcement. “I commend our staff for their efficiency in following through with the necessary procedure to successfully obtain a search warrant and to ultimately carry out the investigation swiftly and professionally.”

The search warrant and subsequent investigation determined that the house is occupied illegally by nine adults and four children. The property owner and tenants now face 39 charges, including multiple counts of violating the East Hampton Town Zoning Codes and New York State Fire Codes. Town Police arrested two male subjects at the scene. The landlord and all the adult tenants will also be the first individuals charged under the Town’s recently adopted Rental Registry Law.

“The Self-Inspection Checklist that is required as part of the Rental Registry process would have identified all of the health and safety deficiencies at this house. The landlord’s failure to go through the process and register their rental property put all of these tenants at risk, which is something the Town will simply not countenance,” concluded Supervisor Larry Cantwell.


Inspectors issued appearance tickets to Carmen Rocio Yamba Tenezaca, 30; Jaimo Uzhca Namina, 31; Wilson Guillca-Satian, 30; Melida Yamba Tenezaca, 33; Jose Donaire, 40; Angel Uzhca, 32; Angel Maza-Namina, 32; Rafeal Felix Llauri, 23; and Moncayo Arnulfo Rivera, 27; charging them with the following:

  •   1 count of overcrowding
  •   1 count of partial occupancy
  •   5 counts of no or inoperable smoke alarm
  •   2 counts of no carbon monoxide detector
  •   3 counts change of use or type of occupancy
  •   3 counts of no building permit
  •   3 counts of no certificate of occupancy
  •   5 counts of no egress (blocked egress window or door)
  •   8 counts of non-compliant egress opening
  •   1 count of multi-family occupancy
  •   1 count of property maintenance – litter/debris
  •   1 count of excessive vehicles in a rental
  •   1 counts of rear deck in disrepair
  •   2 counts of exposed wiring
  •   1 count of improper use of extension cords in lieu of wiring
  •   1 count of no Rental Registry numberIn addition, Leslie Cooper Life Estate, as the owner of the property, will be charged with the same 39 counts.

    All defendants are directed to appear in Town Justice Court on June 13, 2016 at 12 p.m. to answer the charges.

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