TAP: All Rhythm and No Blues


The troupe performs a big number together. Tom Kochie photo

I’m so glad I got to see “Tap: an Evening of Rhythm” last night at the Southampton Cultural Center. What a joy, what a treat! It was charming and oh so sweet!

The dance program, presented by Our Fabulous Variety Show and held in conjunction with the SCC’s Dance Fusion program, featured oh so winsome OFVS co-founder Anita Boyer, the inspiring tapper Aaron Tolson, dozens of young local dancers and emcee extraordinaire Rick Boyer. I just loved it.

One of the things that always impresses me about this group is their gumption and go-getter attitudes. They never fail to please, and I truly enjoy watching them perform. It’s impossible to not have a smile on your face when you get the chance to see these talented, committed, hardworking and genuinely positive people in action. We need more of this on the East End.

Big cheers to Ms. Boyer, who serves as director of “Tap,” and her partner in crime Kasia Klimiuk, who shares artistic director, producer, choreographer and performer roles. Congrats to “Tap” soloists: Madeline Albanese, Colleen Edwards, Kate Havlicek, Zach Ianotta, Megan Kremer,  Rhiannon Pendola, Kudos also to performers: Kayla Angona, Frank Bademci, Adriane Barone, Kristen Curcie, Alexandra DiMaria, Taylor Duchemin, Madison Fitzgibbon, Sophie Flax, Madison Florian, Caterina Harris,  Georgia Hren, Emma Hren, Silas Jones, Georgia Kenny, Cassandra LaMonica, Brenna Latour, Eden Lowlicht, Mary McDonald, Lee Michel, Sorrel Miller, Angela Nadeau, Theresa Nadeau, Erika Naranjo, Brittanie Naughton, Ryleigh O’Donnell, Isabelle Ondrush, Isabella Ortiz, Molly O’Shea, Mia Pardini, Dakota Quackenbush, Sophia Renna, Olivia Suter, Marisa Szajkowski, Christina Terry, Kylie Tesoriero and Hilary Woodward. Kudos also to DanceHampton, Hamptons Lifelong Arts, Hamptons AARP, Daniel Shappert, Lori Newell, Dennis Milone and Anthony D’Allesio, who also contributed in meaningful ways.

Last night’s sold-out performance was the second of two at the Southampton Cultural Center. But if you missed those, no worries as there’s another show coming up this next Friday at Stony Brook Southampton. Make sure you see it, you’ll be glad you did!

Singin' in the Rain Tom Kochie

A moment during “Singin’ in the Rain.” Tom Kochie photo.

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