Hamptons Wealthy: How to Give Away Your Money

The Launch of Jean Shafiroff's Book, "Successful Philanthropy:  How To Make A Life By What You Give"

Jean Shafiroff and Georgina Bloomberg at the launch of “Successful Philanthropy: How To Make A Life By What You Give” in the city on Monday, March 21. All photos ©Patrick McMullan,  Photo – J Grassi/ PMC

Hamptons benefit fixture Jean Shafiroff has been putting her money where her mouth is for years. And now she’s telling other would-be wealthy givers how they can do it too.

The Southampton resident, who has generously donated to causes such as the Southampton Animal Shelter and the Southampton Hospital, has now written the book on giving. It’s called “Successful Philanthropy – How to Make a Life by What You Give” and she recently hosted a celebration for it, her first book, at her Park Avenue apartment in the city.

“When you give, you get, and what you get is the reward of knowing that what you are doing is making the world a better place,” Ms. Shafiroff told her assembled guests, who included: Georgina Bloomberg, who wrote an introduction in the book, Geoffrey Bradfield, Suzette Charles, Rita Cosby, Alex Donner, Curtis Ellis, Scott Elkins, George and Hillie Gurley, Roy Kean, Carl Kempner, FOX News correspondent Rick Leventhal, Anne Rapp, Stan Rumbough, Randi Schatz, Martin Shafiroff, Daisy Soros, Zang Toi and Mortimer Zuckerman.

Also in attendance: Robert Chaloner, President of the Southampton Hospital; Elise McCabe-Thompson, President of the NYC Mission Society; Valerie Steel, Head of The Couture Council; Steve Bernstein, President of Southampton Hospital Board; Anna Oliveira, President of NY Women’s Foundation; Yaz Hernandez, President of Couture Council; and Elizabeth Stribling, Chairman at French Heritage Society and the Southampton Animal Shelter. Additional guests included: Tomaczek Bednarek, Judy Bernstein, Margaret Butler, Liliana Cavendish, Rita Cosby, Kipton Cronkite, Clara Del Villar Scott Elkins, Dawne-Marie Grannum, Dr. Penny Grant, R. Couri Hay, Carl Kempner, Jim Luce, Paola Rosenshein, Randi Schatz, Beth Shak, Victor de Souza and Lauren Wilcox.

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