Curbing Hamptons Traffic


I’m curious to see if this works. Hope it does!

If only something could be done about that awful bottleneck heading east into Water Mill.

From the Southampton Town Supervisor’s Office today —

In an effort to ease traffic problems in the Town of Southampton, a trial program will be introduced this Spring along County Road 39 to test a new traffic pattern. The Southampton Town Board approved a measure at its March 22nd meeting to permit the pilot program. Working with the County, the test plan will change the traffic light at the intersection of Tuckahoe Road and CR 39 to a blinking light Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, April 19th, 20th and 21st between the hours of 6 am and 9 am.

During this pilot plan, traffic heading south on Tuckahoe Road will be prohibited from turning east (left) from Tuckahoe Road onto County Road 39. Traffic heading north on Tuckahoe Road will be prohibited from turning west (left) onto County Road 39. Through traffic on Tuckahoe Road crossing County Road 39 will also be prohibited during this pilot.

County traffic engineers believe by changing the traffic light from a stop light to a caution light may reduce stop and go traffic patterns along County Road 39. This change may measurably lessen the morning commute. The pilot program will give engineers data to indicate if a more permanent change would lessen some of the morning congestion along County Road 39 especially during summer months. Many commuters complain they typically add 45 to 60 minutes to their morning commute along this stretch of road. Between March and June the “trade parade” grows as contractors rush to complete construction jobs in time for the summer season. “If we can cut at least ten minutes off a morning commute it may be worth it”, Supervisor Jay Schneiderman said.

Faced with traffic problems ten years ago, the Town and Suffolk County decided to expand County Road 39 by adding an additional lane both East and West. The 13 million dollar expansion was completed in 2008. But in recent years, that expansion has proven to be inadequate during those Spring months.

This blinking light pilot program will cost the Town approximately $6000 to cover the cost of additional Southampton Town Police assistance to implement the program and assure motorist safety. The Suffolk County Department of Public Works will assume other costs associated with the implementation of this pilot program.

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