Bravo for ‘This Wide Night’


Good theater needs to do more than merely entertain. It needs to enlighten. It needs to tell a story in a new and interesting way. And it needs to make you think about it long after you leave your seat.

This Wide Night” does all that and more. I so thoroughly enjoyed the show last night at Guild Hall in East Hampton. It was a surprise from the very start–which impressed me since I interviewed both women for a preview story about the show in the Sag Harbor Express a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d have a head start on the storyline–and a real pleasure to watch.

I loved the way stars Chloë Dirksen and Jessica Mortellaro tackled the meaty roles of Lorraine and Marie, two felons trying to cope with life on the outside. Their portrayals of this pair of women, struggling to survive, were honest, empathetic and kind. I went to sleep thinking about them and I woke up with them still on my mind. That’s good theater.

Bravo to both the actors, and to director Joe Minutillo, as well as to Jon Raynor (scenic design), Jose Santiago (lighting design), Felix Bird (original music), Bethany Sortman (stage manager), Tina Jones (house manager) and Joe Pallister (graphic artist). The production values were extraordinary all around. Well done!

“This Wide Night” stages at Guild Hall in East Hampton through Saturday, March 26.  Buy tickets, see the show, support our local talent. I promise you’ll be glad that you did!


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