One of the Hottest Sites in the Hamptons


This is the view today from the East Hampton Library.

Did you know that the folks at the East Hampton Library have set up a Main Street Webcam?

They have, and the number of page views is staggering. During just one weekend in mid-February, 4,404 people viewed the webcam a total of 9,841 times.

Not only is it the perfect place to go to see what’s happening near the pond (the camera is on the library property, facing the corner of Main Street and Buell Lane) on the way into the village, or to check road conditions, but it’s also cool to watch to see who’s heading your way and if they are on time or not. Or speeding. Tsk tsk.  I’m sure the live camera feed will come in super duper handy during the summertime when at least one car goes into the drink, as one always seems to do.

According to East Hampton Library Director Dennis Fabiszak, during that February weekend when he was collecting statistics, the cam was viewed from six different continents, 70 different countries and 921 different cities. Looks like everybody is interested in what happens in East Hampton.

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