Gourmet Goodies from Vine Street


In celebration of National Nutrition Month and I Want You to be Happy Day, which fall in March and today–yep, no kidding–I thought I’d share some good foodie stuff from Vine Street Cafe on Shelter Island.

The restaurant recently added its acclaimed Steak Sauce, one of the restaurant’s most popular signature items, to its Cafe Market selection. Other items that are sold as part of the Vine Street Cafe Market include: prepared sauces, salads and other gourmet specialties, as well as  the famously delicious Bar Nuts, Bolognese Sauce (and a vegan Mushroom alternative too), Smoked Ribs, Meatballs, Salmon Burgers, Duck Confit, Vine Street Café Basic Tomato Sauce and North Fork Chunky Vegetable Sauce. All Market items come with instructions and menu suggestions. Yummy.

Owned by Terry and Lisa Harwood since 2003, the inviting eatery is a foodie favorite for those who crave the best in local and natural bounty created fresh and in-house. Stop by for dinner or pick up some of the restaurant’s Cafe Market items at iGourmet.com to make at home.


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