Anything But Politics As Usual


Will Michael Bloomberg run for President?

Will former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg throw his hat into the Presidential ring? It’s a possibility, according to an interview he gave recently to the Financial Times.

It’s been reported that our very own favorite Shinnecock Hills-based billionaire is so frustrated with the poor choices being presented to American voters that he’s considering the possibility of a Presidential campaign. According to the FT interview, Bloomberg says he’s “looking at all the options.”

“I find the level of discourse and discussion distressingly banal and an outrage and an insult to the voters,” he’s reported as saying. Go Bloomberg!!!

Not only is the media/tech billionaire predicted to be the most logical choice by New Yorkers for an independent party run, since the FT story broke Google searches for his name have increased more than 1,000 percent, according to report in today’s Washington Post. Rumors of a Bloomberg Presidential run began circulating in January when sources told The New York Times that he had taken concrete steps to go ahead with a possible campaign. If elected, he would be the first Jewish President of the United States.



One thought on “Anything But Politics As Usual

  1. I really hope & wish Michael Bloomberg would run. He has my vote. He’s be more worthy & great as our next President. A mile above all those other ‘Bozo’s’. However, Bernie no way a Bozo I admire his right and how he has made many of us think about ideas and hoped we had forgotten about. i heard some jerk say he’s never won because he’s Jewish and short would you believe. I think being a Jew might scare the hell out of all those Jewish hating Mideast countries and re-establish our strong bond with Israel. Plus he’s over 4 x’s richer than Trump and he started with nothing unlike ‘The Donald’. Go Michael. As far as being too short, at 5’8″ he towers above the 5’7″ Vladmir Putin.

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