Farrell Officially Launches ‘Build To Suit’ Program


An example of Farrell Building Company’s work, from the firm’s website.

The word is officially out. The Farrell Building Company has introduced a new “Build To Suit” program. The idea is that Farrell is actively purchasing buildable lots across the East End and getting them permitted and shovel-ready, but waiting to develop for custom clients instead of erecting spec construction. The Bridgehampton-based business already has 10 such properties earmarked for the program.

This information comes as no surprise since I’ve been talking to Joe Farrell about it during the course of several interviews for local publications, two of which will appear within the next week. I’ll be sure to share the links once they go live.

 “Over the years we have come to realize the importance of simplifying the building process,” says Farrell, President and CEO. “Our shared desire to place a significant value on time is quite often our greatest bond with our family of customers. As diverse as they are, no one wants to lose a single summer day. This new program allows us to identify and bank choice properties as they become available, permit them and have them ready to go thus saving the six to eight month time lag often associated with this process.”

 The Build to Suit options include:

1. Complete shovel-ready package that includes the land, house plans and all permits

 2. Complete package as described above but with modifications to existing plans through Farrell’s in-house architectural staff.

 3. Custom home design, from concept to final plans utilizing Farrell’s architectural and design teams.  Land and permits are inclusive to the package.

 “A lost week in February is a lost week in August” says Farrell.

Farrell Building Company was founded in 1996 and has constructed close to 400 homes in the Hamptons and Palm Beach. The Palm Beach division was launched in 2012.  Farrell attributes the success of his company to his firm’s extensive infrastructure, commitment to quality and its customer-first attitude.

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