Top 10 Priciest Hamptons Sales of 2015

226 further Lane

A greener shot would be nice but here’s 226 Further Lane, East Hampton.

#1  226 Further Lane, East Hampton — $57.3 million (seller Quarter Mile Drive LLC/buyer  EH226 LLC) — this has been reported to be teardown and seller has been reported to be the estate of the late Doris and Alan Freedman

#2 24-28 Gin Lane, Southampton — $53 million (sellers William G. McKnight & Jay Bialsky/buyer not listed) — formerly part of Wooldon Manor

#3 16 Cliff Drive & 8 Old Montauk Highway, Montauk — $50 million (seller Drexel family/buyer not listed) — this is Eothen, once owned by Andy Warhol

#4 784 Meadow Lane, Southampton — $37 million (seller William R. Salomon/buyer 784 Meadown Lane LLC) — this property has also been reported to be a teardown; buyer reported to be repped by Ackerman, O’Brien, Pachman & Brown LLP of East Hampton

#5 326, 328, 332 Cobb Road, Water Mill — $27 million (seller Helen Nash/buyer 332 Cobb Road LLC) — this beauty (see the two photos above) was built circa 1900s/architect W.E. Brady

#6 1820 Meadow Lane, Southampton — $25 million (seller Leslie Conason/buyer Von Rabentum Beach Holdings LLC)   — Sy & Felicia Jacobs have been reported as buyers of this property, which was featured on episodes of the television series “Louie.”

#7 195, 207, 211 Bridge Lane, Bridgehampton — $23.5 million (seller Bridge Lane Partners/buyer Bill Ackman) — no broker on this one

#8 455, 461, 501 Ocean Road, Bridgehampton — $23.5 million (seller 501 Ocean Road Ag LLC/buyer JamC Ocean LLC) Here’s a video of this one.

#9 350 Wickapogue Road, Southampton — $20.7 million (seller Stacy Bash Polley/buyer 350 Wickapogue Road Owner LLC) — seller is a powerful, under 50 FEMALE from Goldman Sachs with philanthropic Broadway ties; the first of two Top 10 sales that aren’t waterfront

#10 55 Town Line Road, Wainscott — $18.9 million (seller 55 Town Line Development LLC/buyer 55 Town Line LLC) — it’s not waterfront but it’s new construction and it’s HUGE


55 Town Line Road, Wainscott



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