Food News We Can Really Sink Our Teeth Into


Hallelujah! Espresso has returned to the village of Sag Harbor.

Sandwiched between Yummylicious and Superica on Main Street, in the spot occupied by Cigar Bar for forever, the stalwart Italian food shop is back baby and already going gangbusters! I just popped in to get a menu, and a quick snap of the facade, and the place was jam-packed with customers. I don’t see a website yet but I’ll find out the scoop and let you know. Meanwhile, here’s the phone number–631-725-5668.

Stop in for lunch and pick up an old favorite from the selection of foccaccia sandwiches, wraps, heros, pizza, pasta, salad and even burgers. Or stroll in for brekkie, dinner or to place an order from the catering menu. I’d say more but there’s a Roasted Veggie Sandwich nearby with my name on it. Yum, yum, yum!


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