Delicious Decadence for Those Who Have Everything

Are you stumped on what to get that friend or family member who has everything? Well, I have the perfect gift to recommend. It’s certainly decadent, and won’t soon be forgotten.


This is a picture of the generous gift I just received.                                    DAWN WATSON PHOTO

Especially for foodies and those who host velvet rope-type VIP gatherings, I’d imagine that Khavyar caviar would be a huge hit. I just received my own delicious gift box yesterday (see above, and yes those little tasting spoons are mother of pearl–fancy dancy). What a hedonic way to start the day!

Sustainably farmed (YES!!!!), the imported and domestic caviars come from such exotic ports of call as Belgium, Israel, Denmark, Germany, and of course from our briny waters. Even better, the prices start at $12 an ounce so those who aren’t exactly Rockefellers can still get in on the tasty action. The imported varieties range from $50 to $150 an ounce and the domestics run from $12 to $99 an ounce. The types of roe run the gamut from  Ancipenser Gueldenstaedtii (nutty and mildly salty) and Acipenser Baerii (buttery and Beluga-like) to wild-caught Coregonus Clupeiformis (crunchy and sweet) and robust Alaskan Onchorhynchus Keta, so there’s something for everyone.

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