Color Me Happy


I’m so glad to finally be able to share the good news about Durell Godfrey and her fabulous brand-new book, “Color Me Cluttered: A Coloring Book to Transform Everyday Chaos into Art.” I’ve been champing at the bit to talk about this beauty, which officially hits the shelves next Tuesday, December 8, ever since she showed me a copy at this year’s Authors Night benefit at the East Hampton Library in August.

Having known Durell for years, I’ve always been a fan of her work and am so happy to spread the word about this newest endeavor. Many of you know her from her photos and articles in the East Hampton Star, but you might not know that she’s also got super skills as an illustrator, which is front-and-center in this wonderful adult coloring book.

The work in this fun and adorable book is so good–intricate illustrations of the stuff of our busy lives, such as crowded kitchen tables, chaotic living rooms and paper-strewn desks –that I’m torn between coloring it in and framing the pages in their pristine state. Pick up a copy today, you’ll be happy you did. The book is available online at Amazon and on the Random House site too. CONGRATS Durell!!!

Durell Godfrey_Photo Credit_Kyril Bromley
Photo of Durell Godfrey by Kyril Bromley. 



  1. So glad I knew you “when” … and also now! I would know your living spaces from your drawings. I would know your drawings from your living spaces. So glad I know YOU!


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