Josh Charles Returns in ‘I Smile Back’ with Sarah Silverman

Josh Charles and Sara Silverman star in

Josh Charles and Sarah Silverman star in “I Smile Back.” Image courtesy Broad Green Pictures.

Fans of the “The Good Wife,” “Sports Night,” or the Artists & Writers charity softball game in East Hampton might be interested to know that Josh Charles is finally coming back into our lives. Yay! It’s been way too long.

He’s co-starring with Sarah Silverman in the movie “I Smile Back,” which was a huge hit at Sundance this year. The dramatic film looks juicy good and should prove to be a game changer for both Charles and Silverman–who plays it super serious as Laney,  a wife and mother who has it all, including the perfect husband in Josh Charles. But, not everything is as it seems. Just beneath the façade lies depression and disillusionment that send her careening into a secret world of reckless compulsion, putting her loved ones on the catastrophic brink.

Here’s the trailer

“I think it’s great to mess with people’s perceptions about who you are and what you do. People assume they know someone, and then it’s easier for them to just rely on their past observations. You’re a serious actor; you go and be dramatic. You’re a comic; you go and be funny. I think, creatively speaking, we all need to continue to challenge ourselves and take risks,” says Charles. “I think it is really cool that Sarah wanted to do this and take such a ‘risk,’ if you can call it that.”

The film, written by Paige Dylan and Amy Koppelman, based on the book by Koppelman, also stars Thomas Sadoski, Mia Barron, Terry Kinney and Chris Sarandon.


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