Grey Gardens: Retail Therapy


I’ve got a fabulous, terrific, fantastic and mind-blowing new retail pick to share, which just happens to be all about one of my very favorite subjects ever. My fellow Grey Gardens-obsessed friends should be just as overjoyed as I am that there is now an actual Beale family retail experience. Yes, you read that right. Now it’s possible to shop Grey Gardens.

Yippee!! How amazing is that?

East Hampton part-timers, Eva Marie Beale and her husband, Bouvier Beale (can you get a name any better??), who is the nephew of Little Edie and the first grandson of Big Edie, just let me know that they are offering Grey Gardens-inspired pieces for sale. Super duper cool. OMG.

The site is gorgeous, as is their daughter, Maria, who serves as jewelry model. Items for purchase include accessories, home goods, gifts, books and bags. Inspired by the former It Girl’s ability to “see beyond trends and gravitate instead to the pieces that helped her articulate who she was, how she felt, and what she loved,” the modern-day Beales feel that “things aren’t just things. They’re the tools we use to express ourselves more accurately.” Oh, how Little Edie would have loved this! Bravo!


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