Sunflower Party Photos from Friday at Henry Buhl’s House in Southampton

With benefits practically every day of the week in the Hamptons this summer, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Fortunately we’ve got friends in all the right places to supply us with photos. Here are some from the New York Center for Children’s annual Sunflower Party at Henry Buhl’s house in Southampton on Friday, August 7.

Notable attendees at the event included: Henry Buhl (Event Host and Co-Chair, Sunflower Party); Lauren Vernon (Board Member, New York Center for Children; Co-Chair, Sunflower Party); Christine Rales (Board Member, New York Center for Children); Christine Crowther(Director, New York Center for Children); Alyson Cambridge (Host Committee, Sunflower Party; Metropolitan Opera Singer); Aviva Drescher (TV Personality); Lucia Hwong Gordon (Co-Chair, Sunflower Party); Joy Marks (Host Committee, Sunflower Party); Tracy Stern (Founder, Tracy Stern Tea & Co.); Nicole Dicocco (Host Committee, Sunflower Party); Anna Mann & William Mann; Jean Shafiroff (Philanthropist);Andrew Flach (Publisher, Hatherleigh Press); Andrea Greeven-Douzet (Publisher, Beach Magazine); Dr. Penny Grant; Lisa Herbert; William Kehler (Founder, Manhattan Moonshine); Maria and Mario Maccioni (Owners, Circo Southampton); Jackie Rogers (Fashion Designer); Howie Rosen (Founder, Pasion Tequila); Randi Schatz (Publisher, Avenue on the Beach); Hana Bisceglie (Founder, Fruzen Ice). Guests joined band leader Alfredo Merat on the dance floor and attendees were serenaded by Metropolitan Opera singer Alyson Cambridge for a special rendition of the song “Summertime.”

Proceeds from the fundraiser benefitted the New York Center for Children, which provides relief to families and children who have been victims of abuse. Kudos to the Center, which  provides free, comprehensive therapy for those in need.

Photos were shot by Jared Siskin from

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