Authors Night Photos

The East Hampton Library’s annual Authors Night event just keeps getting better and better every single year.

This one might just have been my favorite. There were so many, many friends in attendance and a plethora of amazing books. Lots of stuff on the highlight reel for me last night but it was hard to beat being the wristband-putter-onner (this is an official term–ha) for most of the authors in attendance. I got to shake/hold hands with the likes of Nelson DeMille, Bob Caro, Dick Cavett, Dr. Ruth, Paul Williams, Katie Lee, Simon Doonan, Jonathan Adler, Wednesday Martin, Stewart Lane, and on and on. It was also a treat to see Allison Pataki, who was absolutely glowing (Expecting, and looking radiant, she told she has to get her next book finished by October. Now that’s a deadline.); Ed Burns, who I interviewed years ago; Arlene Alda, who I just talked to last week; Dick Cavett, who is always hamming it up; and a few dozen more whom I’ve interviewed and become acquainted with over the years. It was truly a spectacular array.

I’m so pleased and proud to be a part of this great fundraising effort and am happy to serve on the Authors Night committee for as long as they’ll have me. Learn more at and

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