Some Exciting News About Paton Miller

Have you caught Paton’s newest show at The White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton? You should!
The exhibit runs through July 7. Check it out.
Here are some fun facts about one of my favorite artists:
* Starting last year, the Shchukin Gallery began representing him in NYC, Paris and Moscow.

* Six months ago the U.S. State Dept. invited him to participate in an exhibition in Havana, Cuba, part of the warming up of relations. His large-scale works are now on exhibit in Havana. In a complete coincidence, Sarah Tanguy, curator for ART in Embassies, US Department of State, as well as an independent curator and critic based in Washington, DC, showed Ambassador Jeffery Delaurentis the list of chosen artists and found out he is a Paton Miller collector.

* The Parrish Art Museum acquired its second Miller donated by philanthropist David Bohnett. It is the second Miller they have in their permanent collection.

* The College of William and Mary in Virginia, Alma Mater of Thomas Jefferson, includes their first work by Paton in their permanent collection donated by noted art historian John T. Spike.

* Alec Baldwin has purchased a large collection of Paton’s work.

Learn more at

Here are some fun photos from his current local exhibition:

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