LongHouse Reserve’s Planters ON + OFF the Ground Photos

The rain didn’t keep the dedicated crowd away from LongHouse Reserve’s seventh annual container exhibit.

I like to think of this year’s invitational as the Year of Verticality, as there were lots and lots of tall treats on view. Of course, there was a variety of great looking shorties too.

Judges for this invitational exhibition of Planters ON + OFF the Ground were our very own Preston Phillips, a renowned architect and all-around terrific guy, and Marco Polo Stufano, the founding director of horticulture at Wave Hill. The winners were announced on Saturday at 6 p.m. by Preston for his picks and Dianne B. on behalf of Stufano.

Favorite moments included:

When LongHouse Founder, Jack Lenor Larsen, addressed the crowd as the rain began to fall in earnest — “As Henry the Eighth said to each of his wives, I won’t keep you long,” Larsen quipped.

Umbrellas popping open as Dianne B thanked those who made it. “The people who come out when it’s not such a gorgeous day are the ones that count,” she said.

Preston remarking on a whimsical favorite entry by artist Roy Nicholson (check out the photo below), whose “High Tea” he praised as “clever on many levels” and an inspiration for deer-proof plantings.

Elizabeth Lear’s excited announcement of the People’s Choice winner by _______. Click on the photos below to find out who won.  : )

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