Has Steven Cohen Hired a Publicist?

Alberto Giacometti’'s “

Alberto Giacometti’’s “”Pointing Man,” a life-size bronze, was created in a single day in 1947. It just sold for $141 million.

The hedge fund billionaire is all over the news lately.

First, there was the news that the East Hampton resident shelled out monster bucks, to the tune of $141 million, last month for Alberto Giacometti’s life-size “Man Pointing.” The transaction sets the price for highest paid ever for a sculpture.

Then there was the story of his pet pig Romeo. Cohen reportedly recently sent the 150-plus pound porcine pet off to a vegan farm sanctuary in Florida to live after it got too difficult to manage. The domesticated swine had been treated like a member of the family, at another of Cohen’s homes in Connecticut and was even thrown a going-away dinner before he was sent off to live in the lap of pig luxury.

Not sure if the Point72 Asset Management founder is working hard to be in the news or if others are merely picking up on some interesting stories. I do know that he is a big art collector and reportedly owns pieces by former (deceased) East Enders Andy Warhol, whose Eothen in Montauk is back on the market for $85 million, Willem de Kooning, and Jackson Pollock, who lived in the Springs and perished in a car crash there in 1956.

Cohen has an estimated net worth of $11.1 billion and is ranked by Forbes as the 35th wealthiest person living in America. For those more interested in art than commerce, the 6-foot-tall bronze he just bought depicts a wiry “everyman” with an outstretched right arm.

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