A Hamptons President?

It’s interesting to see the names being bandied about for the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, especially as the three top potential contenders all have serious Hamptons cred. Hillary Clinton is running, Michael Bloomberg is practically being begged to run and Andrew Cuomo gets a passing nod by many as a potential candidate.

Hill and her other half have been Hamptons fixtures for years. Last summer they opted for a $100,000 three-week rental overlooking Napeague Bay in Amagansett. During previous seasons they rented at neighboring East Hampton’s Lily Pond Lane. I’ve personally never seen Ms. Clinton around but Bill has shown up several times at the annual Artists & Writers game in East Hampton.

The house that Hillary and Bill Clinton reportedly rented last summer in Amagansett.

The house that Hillary and Bill Clinton reportedly rented last summer in Amagansett. Sotheby’s listing photo.

Bloomberg, smart money man that he is, owns a house in the Tuckahoe neighborhood of Southampton, where property is reported to be an even better investment than most places on the East End. His Ballyshear–a 22,000-square-foot Georgian mansion built circa-1910, is sited on 35 acres and boasts gardens designed by the Olmsted Brothers–is magnificent. Hamptons horse lovers see him regularly at the Classic, where his daughter is a riding fixture.

Ballyshear has been well documented in the fantastic

Ballyshear has been well documented in the fantastic “Houses of the Hamptons” by Gary Lawrance and Anne Surchin.

Cuomo, who met his lady, Sandra Lee, about a decade ago right here in the Hamptons, is a frequent visitor and wine country advocate. Fun fact, which we talked about when we met at a Southampton benefit a few years ago, his dad and I worked for the same law firm in the city many moons past.

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Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee at a Harvest wine event on the North Fork. Dawn Watson photo.

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