Photos from the ARF Designer Showhouse

I’m so glad to report that the ARF Designer Showhouse, held on Saturday and Sunday, May 30 and 31, was another barking success.

For this year’s benefit, the Sagaponack ARF Thrift and Treasure Shop was transformed yet again into a luxurious design mecca, featuring the talents of a slew of top interior decorators. Participants in the fifth annual event included: Brian P. Brady, Jamie Drake, Kevin Hart, Tamara Magel, Mark Schryver and Peri Wolfman. Their themed rooms included Brady’s “well-worn country farmhouse sitting room, Drake’s (who has created spaces for Madonna and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg) “Turkish Delight,” Hart’s “Dog Portrait Sitting Room,” Magel’s “Guest Room at Camp Barn,” Schryver’s “Tippi’s Bedroom” in honor of Tippi Hedrin, and Wolfman’s “Out of Africa” cottage. All the designers are animal lovers who donated their time and expertise to help the ARF cats and dogs, who are less fortunate than their own beloved pets.

The evening also included the true stars of the evening, a selection of ARF dogs and cats available for adoption, and an appearance by author Jorge Bendersky, who signed copies of his book “DIY Dog Grooming, From Puppy to Best in Show: Everything You Need to Know, Step by Step.”

The event was chaired by Gordon Hoppe, Gigi Mahon, Sandra McConnell and Jeff Pfeifle, and Vice Chairs Peter Hallock, Lisa McCarthy and Marshall Watson. All proceeds raised from the event benefit ARF and the organization’s dedicated work to find loving homes for animals in need. Learn more about this wonderful organization at

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