BBQ Breakdown: Entitlement at a Hamptons Eatery

Regular readers, and even the most casual observers, know that I like to focus on the positive. After all, this blog is a celebration of the Hamptons. And I intend to keep it that way.

BUT, in a rare instance of profound displeasure, I feel I must share this piece of news, if only in the hopes of stemming a tide of similar bad behavior. And yes, I know that we all have days that don’t go our way and sometimes act out, but this is indicative of the entitlement culture that we live in and I detest it when people who should know better act like tantrum-throwing toddlers.

I’ll go back to my sunshiny ways for the next post. Promise.

As you read from the link below, let’s all keep in mind that EVERYONE on the planet parks down Town Line when the lot is full at this restaurant. Why in the world this man, who is tasked to make decisions about what’s right and wrong for those who approach the Sagaponack ZBA every single day he’s called upon to act, would UNAPOLOGETICALLY behave in this odious fashion is beyond me.

Here’s the story from Page Six:

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