Montauk Is Getting Hotter

Montauk photo by Dawn Watson.

Montauk photo by Dawn Watson.

Get ready to see a whole lot more of Montauk on the small screen in the near future. The End, already the setting for Showtime’s “The Affair,” has been bumped up to title character in the coming Netflix drama “Montauk.”

The eight-part series by Matt and Ross Duffer, which will be broadcast in 2016, is set in the 1980s and will tell the tale of a young boy who seems to vanish into thin air. The hourlong drama will include elements of mystery, the surreal  and sci-fi, according to information provided by Netflix.

* If all goes according to plan, Sag Town coffee will be opening up a Montauk branch this May. The new java spot will be on the patio behind Cynthia Rowley’s Main Street shop, right next to the Memory Motel.

* And the Harbor Raw Bar & Lounge is now being helmed by James Willis and Robert Hirsh. The 3,200-square-foot restaurant at 440 W. Lake Drive has been revamped and is now serving a Mediterranean-influenced menu. Come warm weather, there will be Saturday afternoon grill time, bocce, ping pong and more, including a Booby Trap MTK Greek takeout stand.

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