Hamptons Art News

"Flotsam and Robin's Island From National" by Paton Miller.
“Flotsam and Robin’s Island From National” by Paton Miller.

Isn’t it exciting that we are only TWO days away from the first day of spring. Hip, hip hooray! And, as if that’s not enough to celebrate, I’ve got some good stuff here today for art aficionados.

* On Friday, March 20–the actual day we’ve all been looking forward to during this long, cold winter–Jules Feiffer will be at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill for a “Kill My Mother” Conversation and Book Signing at 6 p.m. During his chat with Parrish Director Terrie Sultan, the award-winning artist (and recent Guild Hall honoree as well) will talk about his latest graphic novel. A book signing will follow. follows the discussion. You can buy a copy of the book online at http://www.parrishart.org beforehand and pick it up at the museum shop on Friday. While you’re there, be sure to check out the new exhibits by Feiffer, Joe Zucker and Madoo’s late great Robert Dash. I’ve been in twice already since they started hanging them. Fascinating work!

* If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, check out Paton Miller’s new exhibit at Gallery Z in Beverly Hills. Those who know and love the real deal also know that it’s worth the trip. For more info on this wonderful artist and all-around great guy, check out his site at http://www.patonmiller.com.

* Looking ahead, be sure to mark your calendars for ArtHamptons, which will be held during the July 4 weekend, and for the first time, on the grounds of a private residence on the corner of Scuttle Hole Road and Lumber Lane. I’m wondering if it’s at the $60 million Three Ponds Farm site, now for sale and listed with Sotheby’s? That place would certainly complement the art. I was there two summers ago, interviewing a cookbook author. It was magnificent.

Opening night is Thursday, July 2, and the eighth annual fine art fair will continue through July 5. Special events this year will include a fete for the new “Dinner with Jackson Pollock: Recipes, Art + Nature” book and The Art of the Cocktail reception on Friday, July 2, and a special Lifetime Achievement Award Reception for Guild Hall’s Ruth Appelhoff (Yay for you Ruth!!!) on Sunday, July 5. Learn more at http://www.arthamptons.com.

* Whilst on the subject of Guid Hall, remember that online registration is now available for the 77th Annual Guild Hall Artist Members Exhibition. This is truly one of my favorites, especially as it’s the first place I ever sold one of my photographs, and is a can’t-miss for some of the best and brightest of our local arts scene.
This year’s judge is Marla Prather of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Deadline for inclusion is April 20, and drop off dates will be April 24 and 25. More to come on this later. In the meantime, check out the details at http://www.GuildHall.org.

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