Showtime Wants Billionaire Hamptons Homes

Photo by Dawn Watson.
Photo by Dawn Watson.

I got an email over the weekend from a casting director who is looking for a few houses for location shoots here in the Hamptons for a Showtime pilot, appropriately titled “Billions.” The request was for oceanfront homes, houses with a pool, and those having an open kitchen plan. Not every location needs meet all criteria, as the production team will most likely use several places and piece them together. Filming will take place later this month, sometime around January 22.

According to IMDB, the show stars two Emmy winners, Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, and the pilot is being directed by Neil Burger. The fictional drama “takes a forensic look at the world of high finance by tracking the approaching collision between two titanic figures,” U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhodes (Giamatti) and hedge fund king Bobby “Axe” Axelrod (Lewis).

Reply here with your email if you would like more information.


  1. Hello, Dawn. Just came across your blog entry when trying to get more details on the house that was chosen for the new Billions series. It’s absolutely stunning and magnificent. Can you shed some light on what house they chose? Forgive me if I missed a blog entry announcing this information already. Cheers!


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