Forbes Sells ‘The Social Register’

Am I the only one who finds it interesting to to note that the New York Post–not the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times–is the sole New York media outlet (aside from Hamptons Party Girl-ha) to announce that the 128-year-old “Social Register,” a biannual directory that chronicles the lives of American bluebloods, has been sold by Forbes?

According to the Post, the new owner is financier and “Social Register” member Christopher R. Wolf. The names of members are not publicly shared, as those listed in “The Blue Book of the Hamptons” are. In fact, a quick perusal of the “Social Register”  website doesn’t yield much more than the old money clubs, such as the Hamptons own Maidstone Club, which are affiliated. Even the categories–Noteworthy Events, Debutantes, Weddings, Obituaries–don’t have much info and are not timely.

The site does explain the directory as having come from “19th-century visiting lists,” which included the “names and addresses of the preferred social contacts of prominent families, alphabetically arranged.” There are currently approximately 25,000 entries in the winter edition–published every November–as well as the summer edition–published in May and which includes “seasonal information as well as ‘Dilatory Domiciles’ and a list of yachts and their owners.” Those listed are vetted and voted in annually.

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