A Harmless End of Summer Quiz

Having missed Tumbleweed Tuesday (confession: I was traitorously reveling in being out of town) for the first time in close to a decade, I wasn’t able to celebrate the mass exodus, par usual. However, since the end of The Season, I have been enjoying the simpler things that we all love about being in the Hamptons–finding a parking space on Main Streets instead of sitting in the parking lot that Montauk Highway has become; uncrowded beaches; and going to restaurants with regularly priced, full menus without hourlong waits, etc.

It’s a given that I’m an advocate who loves to celebrate this lovely area where we all live, but driving from Southampton to Bridgehampton this morning in approximately 10 minutes (WHAT? No  sitting in the Water Mill bottleneck???) got me to thinking about all the things that detract from our Eden. Especially this summer, which was the busiest in recent memory.

Here are a few of the top complaints: 


* Traffic

* Ticks

* Overdevelopment

* Entitlement

* People who complain about summer in the Hamptons  : )

What say you? Have I missed a big one? Weigh in if you’d like but please remember to please keep it kind and clean.  

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